Being raised in the Shenandoah Valley by a family of artists and craftsmen taught me that ending the day with dirt under your nails is the only way to truly live. I left the valley chasing my oldest dream: to make beautiful things. Three years of classical training in design, illustration, and painting led to an internship in Broadcast Design. For 7 years and counting, 40+ television stations and an exceptional team of designers have trained me on the ins and out of animation, typography, and client relations. 

So now I illustrate, animate, paint, cook, carve and craft - and in all fairness i'll probably pick up 3 new hobbies tomorrow. Branding small businesses has been the ideal way to merge technical skills with my love of organics. The projects I take on for freelance are often partially handmade, for the client who wants to be involved - to find themselves within their brand.  Logos are just beginning of an adventure to show the world who you are and what you can become.

Some people spend their entire lives in search of the perfect job. One that combines the skills they've spent a lifetime collecting into an 8 hour a day worth looking back on and be proud of. I will be forever grateful that I never had to search.